What do the others think about me?

       "I have had the pleasure of working with Elisa over the last two years. I have chosen her after a one month selection of more 40 candidates, and have had the luxury of being able to count on a person like Elisa when times or situations are unexplainable. In today’s modern photographic studio practices there are many instances where a project may have a situation that requires a creative effort from a graphic designer, where most people give up on a solution with a minimal effort. 

       In my 25 years of photography and art direction experience, I have come to realize that when it comes to working with situations like this, Elisa has always been the one constant I could count on. Wherever it is a problem with a graphic project, or an issue with a photographic shoot, where people are pointing finger to one another in order to place blame, or a simple solution where the obvious escapes most designers, Elisa has always been there to explain the unexplainable.   

       While having the talent to find problems is something that can be learned in a classroom, one of the attributes that stands out more of her is the capacity to solve the problems in between of developing process of projects.                                                                                           

       Finally, I would offer that Elisa has been the epitome of ‘cooler heads will prevail’. In my tenure with Her there have been many instances where emotions has become a large part of dealing with and offering solutions. Mixed with her patience of a librarian and the resolve of a pit bull, Elisa has shown me time and time again that she is the right individual to solve many of ours questions. 

       I am comfortable with referring Elisa to others and believe she will find success in her new path chosen.

       If you might have any questions or care to discuss Elisa in further detail, I would welcome to receive your call anytime."

       Luca Monti, Art Director

       "I have been let down by so called 'experienced retouchers' who have sent me back images which have been unsatisfactory i.e. too blurry / fake however Elisa restored my faith that there are high-end retouchers! She is very understanding & responsive! She did a great job on the image I sent to her and will no doubt be using her for future projects!"

       Jasdip Sagu Photography, Photographer

      "Elisa is a very Professional Retoucher, who produces work of a very high standard and aesthetic."

       Maria Papadopoulou, Make Up Artist

       "I've been working with Elisa many times on different projects…. She retouched some images for me understanding exactly what I wanted, correcting some little flaws without looking fake.

I also asked her to draw for me on Illustrator an idea for a set design, she was so patient to change all the details in order to represent in the best way what was in my mind. Really nice person, highly motivated, always looking for the perfect image, good attitude. Definitely recommended!"

Giulia Peduzzi, Stylist

       "Elisa is really responsive and helpful She has retouched my images and I am really pleased with the results. I would recommend. Thanks Elisa!"

       Peter Parker Photography, Photographer

       "Elisa is a very enthusiastic retoucher. She is passionate and very creative. I collaborated with Elisa on different projects and I've been always satisfied. I found Elisa rates and turnaround time very reasonables. Either if you are an experienced tog or an enthusiastic amatuer you will not be disappointed."

       Ronnie Photo, Photographer

       "Elisa recently retouched some fashion shots for me. Her skill in enhancing images is excellent and she really understood what I wanted and also made brilliant additional suggestions. She is dedicated to delivering perfection and was a real help. Her communication is excellent and she kept me regularly updated on progress. I will definitely work with Elisa again, she was a real pleasure to work with and perfected my images. High recommended!"

       Adrian Sartain, Photographer

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